Future CSD Workshop

Today I participated in the CSCW 2012 workshop on the Future of Collaborative Software Development (Future CSD). This was a visioning workshop on important transitions in the world of software development and implications for collaboration technology.

The workshop organized around five themes, each kicked off by a presentation followed by a discussant and group discussion. Participants simultaneously created a collective google doc for each theme while presentations were going on. As a side note, these docs turned into a great summary of the workshop as well as an interesting backchannel for deeper discussion of the ideas being presented.

We presented and discussed our research on social transparency and software development practices, under the theme of Increased Awareness:

Laura Dabbish, Colleen Stuart, Jason Tsay and Jim Herbsleb. Coding for an Audience: Transparency and Collaborative Behavior in a Social Coding Environment.

Jennifer Marlow and Laura Dabbish. Understanding interpersonal mental model formation in distributed software development: A case study in GitHub.

Jason Tsay, Laura Dabbish and James Herbsleb. Work Concentration and Success in Decentralized Teams.

It was great to hear about other people’s work in this space and discuss what the future holds for collaborative software development! There were some interesting (and sometimes conflicting ideas) about how the world of software development is evolving and how collaboration support should evolve along with it.

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